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2009-01-22 13:06:37 by hellz-v-vampirez

I've Made a new account so i will not submit anything new on this one. Everything i make will now be posted on this acount:

This account is also shared with 2 of my friends.


2008-05-29 09:29:37 by hellz-v-vampirez

Woh its been a long time but ive resumed FFB4.


2007-11-27 15:38:52 by hellz-v-vampirez

yes i am gonna make a forth FFB,i know i said the 3rd was gonna be the last one but i thought i could do better on this,so i desieded to start a 4th one
i'll have the same subjects as the last one and MORE.

current flash works

2007-10-29 16:00:57 by hellz-v-vampirez

i am currently working on the flolowing movies

Zelda The untold story

Kill the ReDead from zelda

Ancient Hylian Translator